Me 'N My Candy's Amaretto 42A

 Prospect Hill H L Rufus 5R
Paintearth Rama 53U
Paintearth Sindy 43R

Me ‘N My Candy’s Amaretto 42A

Star P Matrix 4N
ACC Candy’s Winegum 14W
Circle M Candy’s Kit Kat 9K

Digital Beef Pedigree

Amaretto has been a very consistent producer for Sadie. Coming from the Candy line she brings the strong maternal background with the added performance of Rama. She’s as attractive and well-balanced as any female we own.

Me ‘N My Geronimo 62G- by JTPH Beat The Heat 584C. Sold to James Martin, SK.

Me’ N My Candy’s Dairymilk 31D- owned by Hattie Lake Shorthorns, AB.

Me ‘N My Candy’s Jersey Milk 7J- 2021 heifer by
Yamburgan Tobermory

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