Me ‘N My Hawkeye 22W

Saskvalley Navajo 153M
Saskvalley Pioneer 126P
Saskvalley Victoria 8J

Me ‘N My Hawkeye 22W

Sull GNCC Salute 532R
HC Daffodil 21T
River Acres Daffodil 5H

Hawkeye has left us with some very impressive offspring, noteably the females. They are easy-fleshing and have top notch udders.

ACC Cora Baroness 36C, sired by Hawkeye, High selling female in the 2016 Sun Country Sale to Hattie Lake Shorthorns- AB.

ACC Candy’s Bubble Yum 39Y, sired by Hawkeye, 2018 Canadian National Champion Female at 7 years of age.

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