Me ‘N My Hawkeye 22W

Saskvalley Navajo 153M

Saskvalley Pioneer 126P

Saskvalley Victoria 28F

Me ‘N My Hawkeye 22W

SULL GNCC Salute 532R

HC Daffodil 21T

River Acres Daffodil 5H


Hawkeye croppedWe were very pleased with the Daughters that Hawkeye left us! They have awesome udders and maternal strength. Hawkeye was Sadie’s first Shorthorn with the MNM tattoo. See some of his notable progeny below.



ACC Candy's Cowboy 19ZACC Candy’s Cowboy 19Z- Hawkeye x Winegum

ACC 36C.jpgACC Cora Baroness 36C- Hawkeye x ACC Zarah Baroness 2Z, High Selling heifer 2016 Sun Country Shorthorn Bull & Female Sale


1GRP8475_Ch JR Extreme SHACC Candy’s Bubble Yum 39Y- Hawkeye X Winegum 14W, Very successful show career from 2011-2014.