Winegum 14W

Glenford Gus 4H
Star P Matrix 4N
T Bar Jody Rose

ACC Candy’s Winegum 14W

Circle M Captain Mark 27C
Circle M Candy’s Kit Kat 9K
JJ Genetics Candy

Digital Beef Pedigree

Winegum needs no introduction to the impact she has had on our program! From being a competitive show heifer herself to producing sale-topping bulls… She does it all. We feel she is a female that is changing the breed for the better. Every year we look forward to her progeny hitting the ground.

ACC Candy’s Cowboy 19Z ( Me ‘N My Hawkeye 22W

ACC Rock Candy 47A (Paintearth Rama 53U)- sold to Saskvalley Shorthorns in 2014

ACC Candy's Gumdrop 5G

ACC Candy’s Gumdrop 5G (Saskvalley Pioneer)

ACC Candy’s Floss 43A (DF Pure Gold 3N) – sold to Bell M Farms in 2018

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